Ever since I was a little girl I have loved taking photographs. I used to take them with disposable cameras and send them off for development. I was always so excited to receive the paper envelopes containing the prints, eager to see what I had been able to capture.

Those days are long gone and digital formats have taken over. I’ve rolled along with the tide upgrading to a DSLR and storing images on hard drives but I still love printing photos. I like being able to hold a photograph in my hand and place it in an album or a frame. As the world leans deeper into digital, I will continue to print my favorite images. I would also like to share them with anyone who, like me, still loves the tangible nature of a print.

Each print is 4×6 inches, matted onto natural FSC Certified recycled card stock. They fit into 5×7 inch frames and are the perfect size for sending in the mail as a greeting card featuring plenty of writing space inside. An envelope and gold seal are included and each  print is protected in an archival sleeve.

The Appalachian Trail Collection

A collection of 15 photographs capturing enchanting locations on the Appalachian National Scenic Trail

The Paris Collection

A collection of 12 photographs highlighting iconic sites in Paris, France

The Egypt Collection

A collection of 12 photographs highlighting the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, and the spellbinding landscape of the Sahara in Egypt

More collections will be available soon…

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