The McDade Trail: Milford Beach to Jerry Lee’s

October 10, 2020

A “thru-hike” of the 31 mile McDade Trail in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Day 1 = 15 miles

See Day 2

A kayaker paddles along the Delaware at sunrise at Milford Beach
A bridge connecting New Jersey to Pennsylvania across the Delaware River
A maple leaf along the shore
The trail dips in and out of the woods with views of the river below
The early morning sunlight catches the leaves beside the river
The river is still in the early morning
Paddlers in the distance
A group of people I came across many times as I hiked and they paddled
The white pine stands high above the rest
After awhile in the woods, the cliffs are revealed
And they were stunning
For years I have driven past
But never walked beneath the towering giants
The High Cliffs Trail is right up top
The McDade Trail stretches along farm fields
Canada Geese migrate overhead
One last peek at the cliffs as the trail makes its way back into the trees
Fields of soy
Dried soy pods
The winding trail along the forest and corn fields
Autumn grasses
Jerry Lee’s along the Delaware
Old Mine Road lies on the other side of the river in New Jersey
A small black bear emerges from the corn stalks and tucks into the woods
Fallen leaves in the riverbank

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