Reflecting: The Past and New York City

A few years ago, three of my sisters from California came to visit me on the east coast. They wanted to see New York City. I really take for granted how close the Poconos are to the city and I never go. To be quite honest I have only been back once since this trip about 7 years ago and I didn’t even take the time to take photos.

I’ve been thinking a lot about New York lately. My college is planning a visit to the UN and I’m considering going along. Because how often do I get to go to the city, let alone the United Nations.

In the meantime, I thought I would journey back to one of my most significant trips to the city, back when I was really just beginning to take photos on a regular basis.




As I reflect on these photos, I realize I’m not even sure where some of them were taken, except for Battery Park. I didn’t take notes, I didn’t have any “story” or idea that I would ever share the photos with anyone so context did not matter to me. I write this mostly as a reminder to myself. As I move forward with writing and photography I will work on creating a narrative. Pictures can be nice but a story to accompany them would be even better.

These first few blogs I have written have been a great exercise and I thank all of those who have read and commented. I hope to someday produce truly relevant and interesting content. I will continue to practice and post as often as I can. For those of you who know me and my partner Chris, the past five years have held all kinds of adventures and I will share some of those stories.

As new opportunities arise – such as the school visit to the UN, I hope to take the initiative. I want to fill my days with new places, new friends, and a thousand new stories.

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