Trail Inspiration: Films & Books

These are just a few of the films and books I have read that inspire me to travel and observe the natural world. This documentary makes me want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. This film by Emilio Esteves was incredibly beautiful. It has created quite a stir because tourists have now flocked to the…

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary and scientific research center dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey. It is the premier destination in the northeastern United States to view the annual hawk migration. It is the world’s largest member-supported raptor conservation organization and works as an international conservation training site.  The sanctuary began…

Lake Minsi, Bangor, Pennsylvania

The now barren land exposes stumps, revealing the trees that once grew in this space before the the lake was made A bridge appears after decades of being hidden underwater Canada Geese and a Great Blue Heron find an oasis in the parched lake A bird swoops across what once was the lake Chris Minnich…

Melbourne, Florida

A jellyfish washed up in Sebastian Inlet A turtle swimming in the warm waters of Melbourne, Florida A bird wanders the coast in the early morning

High Cliffs Trail

The High Cliffs Trail is located in Milford, Pennsylvania, along Route 209. The trail skirts the edge of the cliff Cactus grow on the east facing cliffs. View of the Delaware River.