Fern Canyon

A place in the ancient forest as beautiful as the redwoods yet far less known, the Fern Canyon.

I felt as if I was stepping back in time as I made my way from the Gold Bluff Beach into the canyon of ferns. The walls were so steep, I felt like a small character in a story book. As if giants would appear along the path. The majesty was non stop. Everywhere I looked there was beauty all around. The flowing water, the shades of green, it was all remarkable.

Ferns are one of the oldest known species of plants, some believed to be dated back to 359 million years ago. The way they procreate is through spore dispersal, (similar to that of mushrooms), rather than relying on seeds. They grow in temperate climates but truly thrive in tropic areas.

Some of the species of ferns found in the Fern Canyon of northern California are

Adiantum jordanii
Blechnum spicant
Polypodium californicum
Polypodium glycyrrhiza
Polystichum munitum

To learn more about the plants that adorn the canyon, visit Britannica.


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