Gold Bluffs Beach, California

If you ever have a chance to take a road trip in the U.S. make sure you take a drive up Route 101. The coast of California is beyond beautiful. The beaches are smooth and pristine. The air is wet and salty. Find your way to Gold Bluffs Beach.

As part of the Redwoods National Forest, the beach is protected from development. The amount of wildlife I saw was unlike any beach I had experienced. From seals to various ocean-going birds to Roosevelt Elk. The area was thriving with life.

I made my trip in April of 2015, just before the height of tourist season. It was chilly and damp but beautiful nonetheless. Plus without the crowds, the beach was mine. The quiet solitude and the ocean waves provided a restorative grace to my life. I walked along the coastline and into the Fern Canyon. I wished I could have stayed for longer. I met some backpackers in it for the long haul. They had begun their trek in Southern California and were heading to Oregon. One more thing I could add to my bucket list.

3 responses to “Gold Bluffs Beach, California”

  1. There are hundreds, if not thousands of places I’d love to visit. Turn your dream into a plan and make it happen! You’re not jealous, you’re inspired! Thank you, and I will try to keep this blog going and post more content.

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  2. You have really been from coast to coast! One of my many goals is to travel to all 50 states, so you really are living my dream. The opportunities you’ve had make me very jealous. I’d love to see more of your travels featured!

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  3. Wow, the Pacific Ocean!?
    This picture makes me happy and anxious to know when I will be able to visit, what is practically for me, the other side of my little world.
    Happy Travels Always!


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